Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

So, I got really creative with christmas gifts for my husband's family and decided to paint each family member something.

For Aunt Robyn, I watercolored a bird, a robin bird. Hehehe...she has told me, numerous times how she loves robin birds, because, of course, her name.

Then, for dan's parents, they needed an artwork for their bedroom, so I just did an abstract artwork that matches their bedroom.

I hope everyone else is having a Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year too!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dining table with different chairs

So, I have been super busy planning and organizing everything for the big move in Oakland. After Thanksgiving, my husband and I packed all our stuff in Long Beach and transfer it over to my parents house in Chino Hills. Oh, it was crazy. We packed as much as we can, and we still haven't finish! Last Sunday was when we had to leave to Oakland because Dan had to start work on Monday. So this entire week was dedicated to find an apartment, to get a job, and to go shopping (hehe, for my personal pleasure). So, Monday, found a place that was near the Bart and Dan's work. It's at Adams Point, Lake Merritt area. It has this old 60s retro style complex. Old building, but great price and great location. So we took it!! We made the deposit yesterday and we officially got the keys!

So of course, I already been space planning the place. Its a two bedroom apartment, with a huge kitchen to fit a dining room table. I've been searching around for design inspiration of how to make this space be eclectic, fun, and different. Because I have an eclectic collection of chairs, I decided for the space I would want different chairs around a vintage dining table.

Love the high contrast. Dark chairs with white table.

A little too much, but simple with an eclectic twist.

I love the color! I love how they are all different chairs, but having the same color really pulls it together.

Same idea, but with white. Makes it more chic!

Mix of white and black chairs with light wood table. Digging it!

I like how the color is not crazy bold. The pastel color combination works really well in this space.

Crazy contrast. Black chairs with white glossy table, and teal blue light fixture. Love it

This has definitely got the vintage atmosphere that I love. I might repaint the chairs I originally have and just make it look more distressed brown with a hint of color.

Whimsical, child like atmosphere.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Travel Bag

I'll be going to San Francisco next week, and I am in search for a cute travel bag to take with me. I want it to be vintage and big, because I like to carry a lot of stuff. I'm searching high and low for the perfect travel bag.

From the Dangstore. Only 20 bucks!

Elizabethwrenvintage. 38 bucks!

The wren store. Handmade! 155 bucks.

Bayanhippo. 37 bucks! Of course gray, my color!

Still checking out bags! Let me know if you found some amazing ones!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Weddings!

So, recapping this year of weddings, especially mine, we have been to 5, invited to 7 overall, but made it for only 5 weddings. It has been crazy this year, wedding extravaganza! I love how different each one felt as well.

First off, Natsumi and Greg. Amazing couple. I love how they are intimate and just wanted their close family to be part of the ceremony.

I believe the ceremony was up north, and they decided to celebrate their reception with friends and family at Greg's parents backyard. We had a great time.

Their food were tacos and beans and rice...amazing! I loved it!

Jinny and Aaron.

They decided to have their reception at a warehouse. Pretty freaking awesome. They brought out take out chinese food and snacks, and we were there for the after party. I loved the decor. Very modern, all white, clean look. Her cake was cute as well!

Partied all night long with their party favors, which were glowsticks! Awesome idea.

Angel and Andrew Marsh. First off, Andrew Marsh introduced me to Dan. In one of our first meeting, I went up to Andy and asked about Dan. All he said to me is "Go for it, man." Haha, thanks Andy, I went for it! Andy and them. They planned their wedding within two months. They were engaged on fourth of July, and got married in mid-September. Crazy, right?!! But such a beautiful wedding located at Frazier Park.How adorable! Down the aisle riding a horse!

Love her dress!

Congrats to the Marshees

And finally, April (yes, same as my name) and Jason Paul.

One of our closest and dearest friends. They were the finale of all the weddings we had to attend. So, of course, we danced like a crazy woman. Love their wedding. Even in their pictures, you see how genuine and beautiful they are together. I love them so much, it HURTS!! We helped them with their wedding invitations (which I'll plan to show later), and basically would do anything for them. Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fecal Face

So my husband and I are big art lovers, and ever since we first met, he showed me this website called Fecal Face. Its a website that shows the upcoming artists that are based in San Francisco. Now that I will be living there, I'm getting more excited of the art shows that I will have to go!

I bought Dan for Christmas artwork from Michael Sieben, where I found him in fecal face. Love his work.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A lot of mind blowing changes is happening in my life right now. I found out, my lovely husband, got this amazing job and we would be moving to San Francisco!! If you guys don't know me, I have been wanting to move there for a long time. I talked about it all the time, but never really dreamed of going out there if I didn't have a reason. I went to school here, found a job here, things were stable. But, because of Dan, for us to move to San Francisco, is a dream come true. I cannot wait to start anew. Most likely, for affordability, we will be living in Oakland, but no worries, I see it the Long Beach of Los Angeles. Go Raiders!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I really wish I could afford her clothes. I get an email every Wednesday from where it goes to the internet and find your shirt size, jean size, and shoe size for you automatically. Its like your own google search, but dedicated to clothes. So every Wednesday, I check out this website to see whats on sale. Every time I pass by the Kate Spade website, I always want to get every item in that store. Her retro style with a modern twist is impeccable!