Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What's on my mind? A lot of wedding stuff! I also got that song, its the FINAL COUNTDOWN, da na na na....because its one more month, and I'll be married! Bam, I will be officially April Herchek!

So, I really haven't done much on flowers. I picked some for the reception because it comes part of the package at the place. But other than that, have not done my bouquet, or the bridesmaids bouquet...but I'm going to wing it. My mother hates when I say that. It makes her nervous.

So I've been looking at boutonnieres at etsy and saw some amazing stuff! I'm getting really inspired and determined to be crafty and make for the groomsmen a boutonniere that would last forever and it would be like a souvenir from our wedding.

Below are the ones that I was interested in!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bachelorette Weekend!!

Blogging everyday is very time consuming. I need to work on that. So, the reason I took three weeks off from my last blog is because I've been busy with wedding planning, and still recovering from bachelorette weekend! All of these places were in downtown San Diego! I thought Vegas was overplayed and over expensive...and I always had a good time over in San Diego...

I had to post the pictures here...

Friday night, Quality Social...

Saturday brunch at Broken Yolk Cafe

Back at our hotel, where there were more drinking!!

Gemma's gift to the girls were magnetic photo frames. Yeah, Apple and me looked pretty moded on our photo.

Red Room for dinner...

On Broadway..we rocked it at the 80's room

Intervention party at the Hard Rock Hotel on a Sunday afternoon..

Breakfast on a Monday morning...and I was pretty much done for the day. I couldn't even function after that breakfast. 3 days of partying took a toll on me.

But my five favorite moments on my bachelorette weekend

5. The games we played at the hotel room!

4. Deb's classic "I'm going to pinch you" face

3. Yelling out "Hey everyone! I'm celebrating my first communion!"

2. The ladies that came out for the bachelorette weekend! It was a group of 22 girls. Felt so loved and loved every moment!!!

1. Gemma, the maid of honor, a sister from another mister, a best friend, and the event planner who made this all possible. 3 days of partying with her was out of control, but well worth it. LOVE YOU GEM STAR!!