Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What's on my mind? A lot of wedding stuff! I also got that song, its the FINAL COUNTDOWN, da na na na....because its one more month, and I'll be married! Bam, I will be officially April Herchek!

So, I really haven't done much on flowers. I picked some for the reception because it comes part of the package at the place. But other than that, have not done my bouquet, or the bridesmaids bouquet...but I'm going to wing it. My mother hates when I say that. It makes her nervous.

So I've been looking at boutonnieres at etsy and saw some amazing stuff! I'm getting really inspired and determined to be crafty and make for the groomsmen a boutonniere that would last forever and it would be like a souvenir from our wedding.

Below are the ones that I was interested in!