Sunday, February 27, 2011

My love for flats!

I love flats. Majority of my shoes are flats. It seems that every time I go shopping online, I check out flats. Here are some of my faves!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Target shower curtain

So I went to Target, and you know how the story goes, you come in looking for one thing, and of course you spent over 50 dollars. Well, I spent over a $100. But what I got were toilet paper, paper towels, then groceries (yes, groceries), and shower curtains...the list goes on...I post last week about my love for shower curtains, well, I decided to buy some, especially at Target. Amazing selection. You have to go there to see yourself. I've been looking online, and such a big difference. Better to see it in person! I love the pattern in this fabric shower curtain. Enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Yes, I heard that Oakland can be scary. There are places here, that if you go further down, pass Chinatown, you are not in Kansas anymore. And every time you turn on the t.v., you hear something going on in Oakland, either violence, rape, abuse, drugs, etc. But no one really talk about the beauty of Oakland. I started to live here a month ago, and I will admit, I was aware of Oakland's reputation. What people don't know amazing Oakland can be. Everyday, as I walk more and more in Oakland, the more I love it. I wanted to blog, sort of a tribute to Oakland and all its beauty. Oakland and the community deserves a better reputation. Yes, they have some bad areas, and yes, they're reasons why media claims of Oakland's violence, but that goes with all cities, Chicago, New York, some parts in Los Angeles, and ESPECIALLY San Francisco. So far, living in Oakland, we found amazing places and awesome restaurants. I just wanted to feature once a week my love for Oakland, and how it's like living here.

Dan and I decided to walk and explore Oakland Sunday morning. I love Sundays. It's my favorite day of the week. We walked around Lake Merritt because it is right down the street from us, and attempted to walk around the whole lake. We came across downtown Oakland, maybe two miles away from our place, and saw Oakland Museum of CA. I am an adamant fan of museums. We decided to check it out, and I couldn't believe how awesome this museum is.

The museum's logo. Of course, love it.

Displayed when you walk in the museum, they had niches of hanging sculptures. I thought of it as big modern wind chimes

Above, California history museum. Displayed the 60s and 70s. Below is 1900s, and if you press a button, a woman would come out and talk about the history during that time.

The Oakland Museum has three levels. The first level is closed, which was the Science Laboratory, which will be opening in 2012, second level was California history, and the third level was dedicated to California artists, either contemporary and/or traditional. They also have a garden where there are a few modern sculptures. I truly recommend this for young children to go to this museum. This museum had so many active areas for children to play and explore, especially in the second level, California History. They had buttons to push, active tv screens for children to play on, and displays where kids can actually play with. Dan and I kept saying how we want our kids to play there, because they have fun and learn something.

2nd level - California history about immigration

2nd Level - History in the 50's

2nd level - A room where you can be recorded and tell your story how you came to California. You also hear some profound stories. Made me think of my parents.

Third level - modern sculpture
Third level - art installation. Their was a dedicated room where they showed this tin house and they had a rain installation. You could go inside this tin house and sit there. Displayed was a living room inside. It was incredible.

So intrigued by this mirrored box. It played with your mind

I want both of these pieces

We got to the museum around 2:30 and they closed at 5. We weren't finish looking at everything, so we definitely want to go back with more time. Kudos Oakland!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shower Curtains

When I have something in my head, I can only express it with pictures, than words. Right now, what I'm really into, are shower curtains. Yeah, I get into these weird moods where I would focus on one thing, and think about it constantly. I've been looking at different types of shower curtains, and really expresses the bathroom. I always say, it's always good to leave an impression in the bathroom because when someone is doing want them to feel relax or make an expression. I always love to decorate a bathroom, it's the smallest room that can make a big impression.

Textured shower curtain, same material as a towel. Gives it an elegant look.
Artsy shower curtain of a city landscape.
I have thing with maps. I always feel it gives a cool appeal to anything.
It plays a shower curtain, and will help you with geography. =)
When I went to West Elm store, this is how I started looking at shower curtains. Their style is so classic and elegant.

For more funky style, Urban Outfitters shower curtains.

Anthropologie. Love it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Geometric art

My love right now is geometric art and sculpture. I love a geometric form, there's something about it! It keeps your eyes moving and makes you wonder how it is form and why it is form. It's the math nerd in me! When I go to art museums, I'm always intrigued by sculptures or artwork with geometric forms.

And then I started looking at sculptures, and how it can be displayed in a room.

This is from MOMA store. The algue sticks. Pretty nifty.

CB2. Again, love this store. The reason why I was looking for a geometric vase. And below, a geometric sculpture displayed on the coffee table.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living room and computer room

So went to the flea market on Sunday and found my chairs. It wasn't an Eames chair, but it had a cool modern look that I wanted. Also, an Eames chair, even a used and old one, cost almost a 100 bucks. I just had to get something more affordable, and having two for 40 bucks, I just had to get it. So overall, I'm happy with the living room. As you can see the look I have is more vintage, mid-century modern.

Chair and sofa I got this at Macys. Lamps from Cost Plus World Market, and rug from Overstock.

The chairs really helped fill out the space.

The artwork that Dan and I made, hence the logo I used for this blog

And the sheer curtains. It's not noticeable in this picture, but it matches the chair and just blends more to the room. I decided to have the stand out pattern be the rug.

Another huge reason I went with these chairs. They can also be used at our table for extra chairs! Don't you love it?!
The computer room/extra bedroom for all our guests who will be coming to visit us! We made it the fun room, hence the funky pillows and the funky artwork.

Dan, working hard on the computer. That's my man!

Dan's collection of cds and records. Had to put up Death Cab for Cutie poster and the artwork I did on the side when I was in school.

Artwork from Michael Sieben that I got in Fecal Face shop. Pillows are from Bed, bath and beyond, bought from my lovely cousin. I hope you guys enjoy our apartment as much as we do!