Monday, November 22, 2010

Travel Bag

I'll be going to San Francisco next week, and I am in search for a cute travel bag to take with me. I want it to be vintage and big, because I like to carry a lot of stuff. I'm searching high and low for the perfect travel bag.

From the Dangstore. Only 20 bucks!

Elizabethwrenvintage. 38 bucks!

The wren store. Handmade! 155 bucks.

Bayanhippo. 37 bucks! Of course gray, my color!

Still checking out bags! Let me know if you found some amazing ones!!


  1. my obvious choice would be the potato sack! thats just silly! but for you the bayan hippo is a must, especially at that price...what a bargain.

  2. I like the Wren store one, but it's not very cheap