Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another extravaganza event!

So, having a huge family, we always have parties, events going on. I was hanging out with my girlfriend yesterday, and she saw on facebook that I posted pictures of another family gathering party. She said "Geez April, another event...how many events you got going on?" A LOT....

The one that I'm excited about that is coming up, is my baby cousin's Birthday extravaganza at the Disney hotel. I cannot wait for this event. Maybe it's because I kind of miss Disneyland and always wanted to stay at the hotel rooms over there. Then I got excited dressing up for this event! No, I'm not going to dress like one of the disney characters and be a PRINCESS, even though that would be awesome. But I am inspired by the Disney characters to make a modern, up to date look of a Disney princess. So I thought I shared this look to my fellow friends:
Classy looking dress from Modcloth. Love this dress with the bow..I'm really into bows lately.
Anthropologie shoes. Modern day Cinderella shoes.

Statement brooch. Either on your dress, or even put it in your hair!

And of course, a cute clutch or bag. This, is what I bought today. So excited to bust this Kate Spade purse in public (sorry got a little excited and I talk pretty ghetto when I get excited).

Inspiration: 50's cocktail dresses. I love the classic look.
Modern day Cinderella. LOVE THE HEELS!

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