Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eileen Gray

My love for Eileen Gray. When I was in interior design school, I had to build a furniture that is different and new. I researched of different types of furniture that were different, new, and out of the ordinary. When I researched different furniture designers, Eileen Gray was one of the few female designers that had made an impact of modern furniture. She had sleek and modern designs that are classic and beautiful.

She was featured in MOMA. This was one of her design, Bibendum chair.

Eileen decided to focus her career in architecture and began to construct a house called E1027. She started to also built furniture that were used for that house.

One of my favorite designs, E1027 table. This side table is made out of tubular steel, very light weight so it could be carried around the house. It also can adjust to different heights so it could be used in different parts of the room. I love this table. Learn more about E1027 house here.

Eileen Gray daybed.

Eileen gray lacquered panel.

If you want to learn more about her, click here.

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