Monday, August 30, 2010

Nicole and Aaron Rustic Living Room

Nicole and Aaron are planning to live in Long Beach, which I'm super excited about. I told Nicole I would help her out with the decor of the living room. She sent me pictures of what they picked out and wanted my opinion.

So, the idea is that the living room will be a rustic, vintage atmosphere that screams comfort. I love the antlers, hehe. The sofa and chair is mocha brown, dark brown, which has been purchased at Plummers, but the coffee table is still up in the air. She was worried that the colors of the furniture is too dark and she doesn't want to give a dark room atmosphere to the space. Easy fix. I researched on dark room furniture, and basically there are ways to make the room feel more light, or not too dark.

First off, when having dark furniture, its nice to have a balance to them. If the sofa, chairs, and coffee table are dark, contrast with the side table, accessories and table lamps. Either glass, or white color accessories, or even a rug that is lighter. These furniture above shows with dark furniture, but contrasted by the floor, or even by accessories.

I don't know why, but I'm a huge fan of the more picture frames, the better. Especially for giving a more vintage eclectic look. The yellow lantern will fit right in with your walls of eclectic frames or collection of art.
Oh antlers, how do we love thee. Again, I love the playing of contrast colors. Dark brown with white antlers. Goregous.
Cabin fever with a modern twist.
Nice look when you enter a room.
Thought it had a nice comfortable atmosphere to this space.

So overall, a contrast of color would make it look open and airy.

A rug is a nice way to open the space more, depending of what flooring you would have in the apartment.

A white table lamp would look pretty awesome nearby your antler wall pieces.

A rustic side end table, or anything in a vintage rustic look would complete the look.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love you! You did all this research and girlie I can not wait for us to get this all together.

    I LOVE the side tables on the very bottom and the white lamp. There were quite a few room pictures that you put up there that all were exactly what I love! I'm not sure about Aaron but I think you hit the nail on the head! Can't wait to go flea marketing with you!

  2. Hey! Um alot of those things in the picture at the top you can get them cheap at Living Spaces. I think we have most of all the things except the antlers, the lantern and something else, but yeah, I was like hey we have all those things hahaha