Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Curtains, a great home decor that could play a back drop of a living room. Well, that is going to be what I plan to do. The pictures above shows how a curtain can multi-task. It could play as your window treatments and a back drop to your sofa, like a wallpaper. When playing the space of the living room, I really wanted my light green sofa to pop out. I thought if I researched on curtains, I could find the perfect one.

Same space plan as my living room, and again, playing that back drop art to really make the sofa pop more. I really dig the contrast and the playfulness.

The curtains blends in because you have this amazing wallpaper on the other side. Another color combination that I love.

Another way to play with curtains. Not one of my favorites, but a nice idea. I gave it an A+ for originality.

An artwork right next to the curtain that blends to the wall.

A great color combination and the curtain played the color palette for this room.

And finally, the curtains that I might be buying over the weekend, West Elm.

This one is chevron. The color is subtle, and I like the sheer curtain panels. I don't want anything standing out too much, but I wouldn't mind having the curtains have subtle patterns, contrasting to the green sofa.

It has a retro, sophisticated look. I hope I get it!

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