Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Apartment! Kitchen and bedroom

Living in Oakland...what can I say. I love it here. Everything is so nearby that I have not use the car yet, well, during the weekend to go to Ikea, but other than that, my entire week has been spent on walking to work, walking to the grocery store, or walking to the gym. Its crazy. Before, I would have to drive everywhere. Now, not so much.

So far, our adventure in Oakland itself was going to amazing restaurants that are close by. First, Ozumo's, which has amazing kobe burger and signature drinks like Lychee martini.

Then, the week after, we went to Mua's, an artsy warehouse restaurant that had a variety of different foods and eclectic sense of style.

The apartment. Dan and I cannot believe how big the apartment is. We thought if we put furniture in the living room, that would make it will fill in more the space. As we put it in, it felt even more spacious (living room is not set, so no pictures yet). The kitchen, Dan and I are in love with. We spent most of our time in the kitchen. We brought out our laptops, sit there, eat, pay our bills, all in the kitchen. We never had a kitchen where we could set up a table. Now that we have a table, we cannot wait to have guests come over to sit and talk with us!

First off, the colored chairs, from our wedding. Helped make the kitchen look fun.

Table was bought at a thrift store. Got it for 100 bucks. Came with two chairs, and I provided the other two.

The pantry shelves we got from Ikea. Only 60 bucks. Basically, we wanted to have more shelves in our kitchen area. The cupboards, if you store inside there, there's not much space. We thought this was a great solution to get more space in our kitchen.
Our little island area that matches the shelves. 10 bucks everyone. Get out of town is right! This is where we toast our bread and get our coffee...and look, the retro clock that dan's mom gave us.

The bedroom set up is pretty much what I had in my last bedroom, but moved the trunk and bought a 7 dollar stool from Ikea for my lamp.

Japanese artwork that came out of a calendar. Got it at the flea market.

Again, huge fan of artwork. A few of our collection. Yes, those are zombie married couple on the left corner. Hahaha, love me some zombie artwork! Got it at a zombie art gallery in L.A. The lemon head girl is a painting I did, and Dan did the printmaking piece with the heart and hands.

I will post more pictures later when the computer room and the living room is done!


  1. April, this looks fantastic! We can't wait to come over and check it out! Missing you guys from Japan!

  2. Thanks you guys! Greg, you have to come over! And Khamille, you know you can stay with me!