Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letty Funky Fabric

So my friend asked me to look up fabrics...she found this cool retro chair and wanted an amazing fabric that go with it. Her color scheme is blue, orange, and yellow. Of course, if someone ask me to find it, I will not sleep or rest until I found first place I look...Etsy.

The place that really stood out for me on Etsy is Fresh modern Fabric. Her fabric is that retro look she's going after and had really cool fabric designs.

I thought this was a cute look and had different colors.

Very retro look and thought either the greenish yellow or the blue would look awesome with the chair

Sometimes a solid bold color will make the chair make it look more elegant and funky. Just a thought.

I thought this look was awesome. Had somewhat the colors she was looking for, but what really stood out is the geometric pattern! Love this.

Another etsy store I was looking at is Qiana Lee Pucel Graham.

Fish fabric with the color blue, orange and yellow. Great price!

And lastly, sewfreshfabrics.
Love the lines...just would look cool on the chair.
Again, one unique pattern with two of the colors she was looking for would really stand out.
This one is called Zen Garden Sherbert.
Mingle Leaf Stripe fabric. Going with the color scheme.

Oh and if you go on design sponge, it shows before and after pictures of chairs that were upholstered. Thought they were awesome.

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  1. Great minds think alike, I actually own that mingle stripe fabric!