Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oversize handbag

I am in a desperate search for a really big, fashionable handbag. Yes, I mean huge. I like to carry a LOT of things, especially gym clothes. Yes, gym clothes! I go to the gym after work and carrying a gym bag everyday at bart station, commuting 6 blocks to my work, it looks pretty ridiculous. I really want to splurge for a huge handbag so that way I can have a cute bag, go to the gym to fit all my crap, and then go out and party after! Now is that too much to ask? So far, no success. I even look at cute gym bags, but nothing caught my eye. I really want a huge fashionable bag, (doesn't have to be designers, but so far the good ones and expensive ones are), that can fit A LOT of crap. I carry gym clothes, laptop sometimes, notebooks, wallet, makeup bag...just a lot! And when I look at luggage bag, that is way too big.

So, I'm still on the search for a huge bag, and what I have found so far:

Marc Jacob bag. First off, want a bag with a should strap. This sucker cost over 500 dollars. Love it though, but I know I can't spend that much. Plus, I think I want it a little bit bigger, hehe.

Linea Pelle Dylan handbag. Again, price range is too high, but oh man, how pretty is this bag?!

Then by looking at my usual blogs I like to read, Green wedding shoes, they featured a handbag for cameras. What a great idea! I can imagine to all my photographer friends wanted the same concept of having a cute bag that is cute and carry all their heavy duty cameras. The woman who designed it is Kelly Moore, and I really want her bag! Cute color and style, just want it and got me thinking, that could fit all my clothes and crap! I really want the Libby bag!
Look how big this bag is!! This two tone handbag from lulus is on my budget and looks like it could fit everything. What do you guys think?
And lastly, a Diaper bag! Yes, a fashionable diaper bag that I really want. I know that I don't have a baby, (not yet), but once I do, I would want a designer looking bag to carry diapers and bottles. If I'm in the search for myself with gym clothes, why not make an investment to a big bag that will serve as a baby bag as well! So yes, this Timi and Leslie diaper bag, I love it. I really want it!

So that is my search, I would really love opinions and what bag should I get?! Or if you have any suggestions, I would love to know!

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