Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspiration images

So lately I have been just focusing on doing artwork. Right now, I don't have much, but Dan and I have been going to our art studio in the city (must post later of the studio), and it has been amazing. We just spent the night at the studio during the weekend, and it reminded me back in the college days, the good times when I would hang out with fellow classmates, having lack of sleep and full of energy from thinking so much, having all this creativity in your mind and putting it on a piece of paper, a canvas, a sketchbook...I'm just blabbering right now.

So Dan, my husband taught me something when I was at the studio. I was having a creative block, and Dan has a folder on his computer called "inspiration images." I never had that, I mean I have images of certain artists, and put folders for them, and categorize it, but never had a folder that just have pictures that inspires me. Dan said he would just be looking online, or even in books, scans them, collects them, and puts it in a folder, and then, whenever he has a creative block, he would go to that folder and just flips through them, like a book. It was so inspiring, that I did that for myself. So I thought I would give you a preview of images, that inspires me. So if I don't have anything to blog, I'll just put some images that inspires me.

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