Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding inspiration: Vintage Table

Again, distracted with wedding planning. It is seriously addicting and fun. Not so fun spending, but nonetheless, I love it. Looking at many wedding inspired blogs, such as Green wedding shoes, kiss the groom, and once wed, some of the few that I checked out. I just went to the flea market and got some sweet deals on these massive candle holders that would be displayed on the altar, and found on the street of Long Beach, a vintage chair, that of course, I love and plan to paint lime green (post later, too dark to take pictures).

(the idea of coloring it lime green! Do not ask me why, I'm just weird like that...and I have a thing for chairs, as you can see)

So my main focus is the wedding ceremony. What would be the decor for the ceremony. Well, I had a few ideas. First, For the main aisle, the catering place will provide the white chairs and rose petals on the main aisle, but thats it. Seems to plain for me, hence buying the massive candle holders. So for the chairs that are nearby the aisle, I plan to make paper rosettes, with a string to attach. I think of it as a big ornament. In the middle of the rosette will be a logo that Dan and I will provide.

The next idea I had was having a table full of vintage knick knacks, that would be located behind the minister, Dan and I will be standing. Right next to it will be my awesome lime green chair.

(photos taken from

(Heather Jagger photography, friends of mine, amazing photographers!!)

(Inspiration board for the vintage white table)
The place that the ceremony is located is right outside the reception, Bridges Auditorium. This place is massive and the architecture itself is amazing. I hope the table and the candle holders give it more of a comfy home setting. I can't believe I'm getting married soon!

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