Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding invitations

So it seems to me that my blog is going to be dedicated to wedding stuff! The wedding invites were such a pain...but it was well worth it. Dan and I borrowed our friend's letterpress, which weighs a ton, and used it for our invitations. Dan and I love art. Our all time favorite media is printmaking. To use a letterpress has that same effect.

The crazy letterpress! We carried this big piece of metal to our second floor apartment.

The process of the invites. We decided to put the bridal shower invites into the wedding invitations.

Took a week to dry...for the two color process, it took longer. It was a learning experience..

So in the end, Dan and I loved the look. There were some hit or miss on the invites, but overall, we loved it.


  1. your invites are what i dreamed ours to be! SO FREAKING AWESOME! they look amazing and how cool is it that you letter pressed them all yourself?!

  2. Thanks Candice! Yay, I have someone on my blog!

  3. Please make sure you have an invitation for the wedding day so I can take some awesome photos of your amazing art work!