Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Chairs

So, on our wedding invitation, we had put two chairs next to a tree as our illustration and for the bridal shower card. Friends and family kept wondering what those two chairs mean to us. They would say "Do you guys really like chairs?" It really started when Dan, my husband, and I were in Chicago for our engagement shoot back in April. My awesome friend, Roya, the photographer, was asking me what would be the cake topper.

Now I wanted something creative and different, because if you don't know me, I'm all about being DIFFERENT..and crazy creative. So I thought of the movie, Up.

If you haven't seen that movie, tear jerker. There was a scene, in the very beginning, when the character Carl and Ellie, got married, and had this montage of them moving in together, growing old scene from the montage, Carl and Ellie moved in their chairs in the living room. Now, as an interior designer, its all about having matching chairs. With Carl and Ellie, they decided to have their own distinct chairs, moving into their new home, kind of representing their personalities from their chairs. With Carl's boxy, short, comfortable chair and Ellie's patterned, feminine, classic chair, come together in this one room, relaxing and reading a book together, shows how two un-matching chairs work so well. I just love it. I really thought of Dan and I, how we are. I'm feminine and just a bold person, and Dan is more reserved, conservative, yet playful. So the chairs were kind of representing us.

I thought it was a different way of describing us, by using these chairs to represent us.
Roya, loved the idea so much, she called us a couple months ago, and asked if we do her logo with the idea of the two chairs. She was thinking about it constantly and just loved it. So, of course, Dan and I made a logo for her. We tried to make the chairs look like their in a picture frame.

Overall, it was a huge success. Now, our chairs are next to each other in our bedroom, where Dan and I do printmaking work together. He sits in his blue chair as I sit in my green lime chair.

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