Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living room and computer room

So went to the flea market on Sunday and found my chairs. It wasn't an Eames chair, but it had a cool modern look that I wanted. Also, an Eames chair, even a used and old one, cost almost a 100 bucks. I just had to get something more affordable, and having two for 40 bucks, I just had to get it. So overall, I'm happy with the living room. As you can see the look I have is more vintage, mid-century modern.

Chair and sofa I got this at Macys. Lamps from Cost Plus World Market, and rug from Overstock.

The chairs really helped fill out the space.

The artwork that Dan and I made, hence the logo I used for this blog

And the sheer curtains. It's not noticeable in this picture, but it matches the chair and just blends more to the room. I decided to have the stand out pattern be the rug.

Another huge reason I went with these chairs. They can also be used at our table for extra chairs! Don't you love it?!
The computer room/extra bedroom for all our guests who will be coming to visit us! We made it the fun room, hence the funky pillows and the funky artwork.

Dan, working hard on the computer. That's my man!

Dan's collection of cds and records. Had to put up Death Cab for Cutie poster and the artwork I did on the side when I was in school.

Artwork from Michael Sieben that I got in Fecal Face shop. Pillows are from Bed, bath and beyond, bought from my lovely cousin. I hope you guys enjoy our apartment as much as we do!

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