Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shower Curtains

When I have something in my head, I can only express it with pictures, than words. Right now, what I'm really into, are shower curtains. Yeah, I get into these weird moods where I would focus on one thing, and think about it constantly. I've been looking at different types of shower curtains, and really expresses the bathroom. I always say, it's always good to leave an impression in the bathroom because when someone is doing want them to feel relax or make an expression. I always love to decorate a bathroom, it's the smallest room that can make a big impression.

Textured shower curtain, same material as a towel. Gives it an elegant look.
Artsy shower curtain of a city landscape.
I have thing with maps. I always feel it gives a cool appeal to anything.
It plays a shower curtain, and will help you with geography. =)
When I went to West Elm store, this is how I started looking at shower curtains. Their style is so classic and elegant.

For more funky style, Urban Outfitters shower curtains.

Anthropologie. Love it.


  1. I really liked the first one a lot, very elegant, very comfy at the same time. I also liked the horizontal stripes in blue and green, very nice :)

  2. my bad, it was yellow, I think in my mind I wanted it to be green hahaha

  3. Could I get a link of where you found the second shower curtain of the city landscape. I like it a lot and can't find it anywhere. thanks :)