Saturday, February 5, 2011

The search for an Eames Chair!

Charles Eames, a designer I worship. Everyone knows who Charles Eames is because of his classic designs.

Every designer knows his classic chairs. I have always been in a search for having his chair. I can never afford it. I'm always looking for the best deal with a remarkable price! That's why I always make that the first search when I go to a flea market. Tomorrow I'm going to Alameda flea market, in hopes that I would find my chair. Oh please, if I could find an Eames chair for less the 80 bucks, I'm a happy camper!! I know it's nearly impossible because every designer, shopper, buyer knows how classic an Eames chair is. In every interior design magazine you see, the best classic modern interior has an Eames chair in their room.

Also, a really cool looking white vase. So, wish me luck!